Every child has at some point wished they could walk into a toy store and take everything they wanted. If kids could buy every car, action figure, and Barbie doll they wanted, they would definitely fill their shopping bags with all of those things.

Last August, Bailey, a six-year-old boy from London, was in the same situation. YouTubers Paul Klein and Paul Wood, who are known for their prank and challenge videos, gave Wood’s son, Bailey, $600. They told him that he could use the money to buy anything from Hamleys, the oldest toy store in the city. It was just like a dream!

Bailey ran into the store like every other kid and was excited to look at all the toys. He stopped every so often to put his choices in his bag. But after a while, he stopped and started putting everything back where it belonged. The two Pauls were dumbfounded, but the boy said he had a better idea and went outside.

Bailey told them, “I know how I want to spend it,” as he asked for some of the money.

Then, in a totally unexpected turn of events, the boy walked up to a homeless man on the street and put the money in his cup. The stranger’s face lit up with surprise at what had just happened, and he put his hand over his heart to thank the person who had given him the blood.

Wood didn’t know what to say when he saw Bailey’s kindness in action. He was so proud of his son that it made him cry.

But it turned out that Bailey wasn’t finished. Instead of getting another bag and going back to choosing toys, he told the two men he wanted to give away the rest of the money.

Bailey knew even when he was young that not everyone was as lucky as he was. He wanted to help people who were in trouble, so he used this chance to do so.

He said, “A lot of people don’t have that much money, so I just want to give it away.” “Daddy always buys me toys, but he needed it more than I did.”

What a nice tale! Wood did a great job of raising Bailey, which is clear. The boy knew how important it was to love and care about everyone around him. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like Bailey.

Two weeks ago, the two YouTube stars shared the video on their official Facebook page. So far, 32 million people have watched the video! People who saw it couldn’t help but say how much they liked Bailey and his father.

“This is the best of all. So selfless and a great example. More young men like Bailey are needed in the world. “You can tell he was raised right because he cares about other people and loves them,” Pamela Wainer said.

“Oh my god my heart!! This made me cry. You must be very proud of him. I just had a boy, and if he turns out to be as kind as Bailey, I’ll be very proud of him. Helen Garbett said, “Bailey is such a special boy. He’s going to grow up to be a real gentleman.”

“I really am crying. This is just incredible! Just goes to show that there are people in the world, even kids, who care so much about people who are in need. I bet you’re a happy dad! God bless you guys!” Steph Elliot said.

Wood said in the comments that he was trying to “respond to as many comments as possible.” But because there were too many, he couldn’t. He thanked everyone who watched the video, left a comment, or shared it for their “amazing support and lovely messages.” He said that he had shown Bailey some of the comments and that “they mean the world to us all at this end.”

Get some tissues before you watch Bailey’s kind act, which you can see below. Some people won’t give up the chance to fill their bag with treats, but this beautiful child did.