Almost 50 years have passed since he started looking for his lost twins. The search is over at last.
No one wants to be away from the people they love.

So, even though it had been decades since he had seen them, U.S. veteran Sergeant Allen Thomas was still determined to find his lost twins.

In 1966, he was sent to South Korea to do his service. He met Pae Seong-Kuem there, who he later started calling Connie.

They had twins after they got married.

James and Sandra. Jae-Im, Connie’s son from a previous relationship, was also legally taken in by him.

He lived in South Korea with his happy family until it was time to fly back to the United States.

He couldn’t get passports for Connie and Jae-Im, so he went back to the United States and left his whole family behind.

He kept writing letters and sending money to his family, who lived far away. He really missed his family.

He asked for a 30-day break in the middle of his service in Vietnam so he could visit his family in South Korea.

He did that, but he noticed that things between him and Connie were already changing. The hardest part was leaving them one last time, because he couldn’t see himself turning away from his family.

Sergeant Thomas had no idea that it would be the last time he ever saw his family.

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