It is traditional and romantic to give flowers to your partner on your anniversary. Many women and even some men like getting a bouquet of flowers. But as a relationship goes on, a person may find that they give their partner flowers less often as their partner gets used to them.

Things are different for 82-year-old Melvin Bickel from Union County. When he got married 64 years ago, he made it a habit to give his wife flowers every year on their wedding anniversary.

It seems easy to give your partner flowers once a year, but Melvin goes the extra mile – literally. In fact, he drives about an hour to Scott’s Floral and Gifts in Danville to get her a beautiful bouquet of roses to bring home to her.

Melvin said, “They do a great job there, and I’ve been getting them from there for years.” He has no plans to get his wife’s anniversary flowers anywhere else because of the great service and high quality.

Melvin decided to make his wife’s flower arrangement even more romantic by adding an extra rose for each year they’ve been together.

“It started with twelve, and when it got to the thirteenth, I just added one to make it different. I’ve just kept doing it, and now it’s so hard to stop.”

And Melvin doesn’t want to stop. He shows how much he loves Lois by giving her roses every year. Lois is his true love.

“Love has no end. When you love someone, you love them forever, and I love her more than anything in the world.

And Lois likes the romantic gesture as well.

“It shows me that he loves me and cares about me. “He cares a lot,” she said.

Lois loves getting flowers from her husband. They show her that he loves her, but they also make her happy, so she makes sure to put them somewhere she can see them.

“Those flowers are lovely. We put them out on the table, where I spend most of my time, because they happen every year,” Lois said.

Melvin’s tradition of giving a flower every year has worked well for him over the years. Melvin and Lois, who live in Millmont, Pennsylvania, are still a strong, happy, and loving couple.

What is Melvin’s best dating advice? “You have to learn to give and take, and you have to put up with things you wouldn’t normally, but you can do it for love.”