The veteran actor who played Jennifer Aniston’s father on “Days of Our Lives” has died at age 89.
On Instagram, Aniston wrote about how much she missed her dad.
Jennifer’s dad left her, but she was strong enough to forgive him, and in his last years, they were very close.

Jennifer Aniston is best known for her parts in movies and TV shows from Hollywood. But she was also an important part of the family. She acted like a daughter to her father, who loved her very much.

On November 14, Aniston wrote on Instagram that her father had died. Just a few days ago, Aniston told the truth about why she never had kids with either of her husbands.

The actress put up a series of pictures of herself and her father on her feed, along with a message for her dad. In the message, she told her father how beautiful he was and how much she loved him by calling him “sweet papa.”

She then said that her father died on November 11 and that he always had “perfect timing.” The actress said that the date would mean even more to her than it did before.

In the post, there were photos of Aniston with her father when she was young in their backyard and at Hollywood parties. In the last picture, John Anthony Aniston’s face was shown up close. She ended the post with the words:

“Don’t forget to visit.”

John was also an actor, and he was the main character on “Days of Our Lives” for a long time. People found out about his death on November 14 in the morning, the same day Aniston told her fans on Instagram.

How Did Aniston Forgive Her Father after He Left Her?
Even though Aniston told her father she loved and respected him after he died, she and her father did not always get along so well. In fact, John left Aniston when she was still a child.

Aniston’s father left her and her mother, Nancy, when she was 10 years old. Aniston didn’t talk to her father for a long time because she didn’t think she could forgive him. But they were able to start talking again.

She told her mother that he had left, and she said that he wouldn’t be back for a while. But he got in touch with the family again a year later, and she started seeing her father on the weekends.

Aniston had trouble getting along with her mother, too. When Aniston became famous, Nancy wrote a tell-all book. Soon after the book came out, the young woman stopped talking to her mother.

Even when they talked, her relationship with her father wasn’t very good, but it got better soon after the Coronavirus pandemic. It was said that Aniston talked to her father every day on the phone and that their talks were deep.

In 2019, Aniston posted a photo of herself as a child to Instagram. Her arms were around her father’s neck, and both of them were looking into the camera. She said that the picture was taken when she was a little girl on Christmas Day.