Phyllis Pena of Lake Jackson, Texas, was coming home after running some errands when she saw something no parent ever wants to see: a man looking into her teenage daughter’s bedroom window.

At about 7 a.m., Phyllis says she saw a person she thought was a Peeping Tom hiding outside her 15-year-old daughter’s room and staring at her.

Phyllis’s instincts as a mother to protect her child went into high gear.

The 19-year-old suspect ran away as soon as she tried to call the police. When the police showed up, they caught him quickly, but he tried to run away again.

But Phyllis didn’t want him to do that.

Watch the video to see what the police officer’s dashcam caught when Phyllis and her daughter put their own lives in danger to catch the suspect.

She met her husband at the University of Oklahoma, where she went to school.

The couple went to different places while working for a children’s theater company.

After dating for almost two years, they got married and had children.

Jean stopped acting so she could spend more time with her family.

Her husband kept working as an actor, and he even encouraged Ron and Clint to do the same.

Clint and Ron were on some TV shows when they were still very young.

Their family life was simple and full of happiness.
Even though they had a lot of money, the Howard family lived a happy, simple life.

The kids learned from Jean and Rance how important it is to enjoy the little things in life.

They kept the kids from being exposed to a Hollywood-style way of life.

Speegle decided to get back into acting after being out of work for a long time.
Ron’s movie “Cocoon” had a part for her mother.

She only had a small part in the movie.

The role gave Jean the courage to try acting again in a major movie.

She went to an audition for a part in Apollo 13.
Rance told Ron that he should put her mother in his next movie.

Because they were worried that his mother might not be able to give birth safely, they held the casting call at their house.

Ron said that doing the sequence made him feel proud because he knew that his mother would do well.

“Apollo 13” did well and got good reviews.

The actress died on September 2, 2000.
Jean Howard left because of problems with her lungs and heart.

She was in a number of movies before her health got so bad that she had to stop.

His son gave her the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as a gift because he knew how much Jean liked the holiday season.

Most of her family members had parts in the movie, which made it more touching.

The boys in the Howard family loved Rance and Jean.
Clint and Ron were grateful for the life their parents were able to give them.

The husband and wife take care of the most important needs of the children.

They made sure that their two kids cared more about spending time with family than about getting things.

In their book, Ron and Clint talk about their childhood.
The two brothers decided to write their own book because they were inspired by growing up with actress parents.

Because of their parents, they want everyone to know how amazing their childhoods were.

Watching the video will give you more information about Jean Speegle Howard and her inspiring story: