Our heroes didn’t have much money. But because of a happy accident, they were able to buy a run-down house for a very low price. The young family wanted a comfortable place to live. Then, in the truest sense of the word, the guys decided to take matters into their own hands.

The couple was sure they could fix up the house on their own. First, the family made a clear plan for how they would work in the future. Then, they started to carry out that plan. Everything had to be done slowly because there wasn’t much money. But every time they took a step, their house got better, which kept them from getting bored and kept them going toward their goal.

First, the guys decided to make their house bigger. The old roof still needed a lot of work, so it was decided to raise the level of the roof at the same time. This made room for the second floor. A simple but very useful summer terrace gave the house more space, and it was easy to hide from the rain or summer heat under it. The house became more comfortable right away.

Adding more space to the house was, of course, a very hard job, both in terms of paperwork and money. But the family made it through, and they don’t regret going on such an adventure at all. The couple is very proud of their success because they did almost all of the work themselves and didn’t hire professionals to help them. This story really shows what it means to “put your heart into your home.”

Even when they were just making plans, the couple decided that the house would look as real as possible in the end. They were sure they didn’t want to do repairs that were popular now. The guys’ goal was not to rebuild it, but to restore it while keeping as many of the original parts as possible.

All of the furniture that came with the house was fixed up by young people. By the way, this trick they used to save money ended up being the most interesting thing inside. But they really wanted to keep the oven, which was made using old methods.

While the house was empty, the stove had gotten a lot worse. But the family carefully put one stone on top of the other to fix it. The structure, which has been fixed up and updated a bit, has become the heart of the house. The stove gives you a special sense of comfort and makes you think of summer vacations with your grandmother when you were a child.

At first, this house was meant to be a country cottage where people could spend their weekends and vacations. But the couple had put so much heart, time, and money into it that when the work was done, they decided to move in. The two-child family now lives in the house of their dreams, which they built themselves.

People who had always lived in the city quickly got used to living in the country and even started a small farm. Because of this, the spouses and their kids always have home-cooked food that is healthy and good for them. When the couple began this big change, they had no idea how cool it would make their lives.

The young family is happy now, and they say that their life in the house is like a story from a fairy tale. And they feel great in their cozy, warm, and one-of-a-kind home. Even though they didn’t have much money or other problems, these guys have a lot to learn. They decided to do it and did it, so you can’t say anything else.