Tim Allen’s new miniseries “The Santa Clauses” came out this morning on Disney+. To celebrate, the former “Home Improvement” star said that the show is trying to put the “Christ” back in Christmas.

Allen Putting ‘Christ’ Back In Christmas
Allen, who is 69 years old, told The Wrap that he wanted this fourth movie in his The Santa Clause series to be about faith.

“It’s still not clear how religion will play a role, especially since the first trilogy of movies never went in that direction,” Andi Ortiz wrote for the magazine. “But Allen said it was important to him that “The Santa Clauses” did what it did and didn’t include any weird creatures or spirits.

“It used to have a lot of characters from other worlds, like ghosts and goblins. I told her no, it’s Christmas. Christmas is here. It’s a religious holiday in every way,” Allen said. “We don’t have to shout it from the rooftops, but I want you to know. This is all about that. If you want to know about Santa Claus, you have to go back in time, and it’s all about religion.

Allen bets twice as much
Allen went on to warn viewers that the religious part of the miniseries doesn’t show up until the fifth or sixth episode. He also said that the writers found a “brilliant way” to include Christianity in the show.

He said, “It’s really great.” “They took a chance, and we really did well with it.”

Allen only had one requirement for the miniseries before he agreed to do it: it had to be true to the movie series he started in 1994.

“It’s strange, because I was also EP on “Last Man Standing,” and I knew where I wanted that to go. And Jack Burditt wrote that, too, and he is here with us. And neither he nor I find it easy,” he said. “I write, I’ve written movies, and I’m more of a plot guy. So, I guess that’s where I am with this. And too many details make me very confused.”

“At the end of this beat, I need to know where we’re going. “I call this a six-chapter book, and it took a lot of work from both the Disney people and Jack to get chapter one. I needed that to get this thing going,” Allen said. “Respect the last one and don’t play too much with it,” she said.

Allen talks about how he has made it in Hollywood.
Allen also talked to Forbes about how he’s been able to stay in Hollywood for so long, with hits like “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” in his career.

“Well, I just change,” Allen said, adding that streaming services have changed everything in the business and made it so that everyone has to be more politically correct than ever.

“Creativity, entertaining people, and making them excited, funny, or happy, no matter what we’re trying to do, are what drive me,” he said. “So for me, it’s all about the union and the crew. If everyone there is taken care of, I’ll be taken care of, too. We’ll work something out.”