Akiane Kramarik was a child prodigy who painted pictures of the “true” Jesus she saw in her dreams. She found out about her special talent when she was only 3 years old.

By the time she was 10, the talented artist had already been asked to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Akiane told Oprah on the show that she thought God gave her her special skills.

Even though her parents were atheists from Lithuania, Akiane was sure that her visions and dreams were real. “Prince of Peace,” a beautiful painting of Jesus that she made when she was only 8, is one of her most famous pieces.
“I was so young, but I started having these visions and impressions of the world,” she said. “I was just so surprised by the perfect images I had in my head that I had to get them out in some way.”

Akiane said that her visions are like dreams in that they become less clear quickly. Because of this, she tries to catch them as soon as she can.

She said that God was “like a bow of light—very clean, very strong, and big.” When she was 12, she told CNN, “His eyes are just beautiful.”

“Father Forgive Them” is the name of another painting she did of Jesus. It shows Jesus with his arms raised to his Father in Heaven.

Akiane said that no one on earth could imagine how bright and beautiful heaven is.

“Every color was from another planet. There are a lot of colors that we still don’t know about. She told CNN, “The flowers there were as clear as a bell.” Akiane says that her beautiful works are “the paintings of Jesus.”

The talented artist from Illinois, United States, is now 22 years old and has made a fortune of millions thanks to her skills. Akiane wants to build a hospital in Africa one day and use the gift she thinks God has given her to help other people. What a smart and inspiring young woman she is!