We have some very sad news to share on this first day of the new year. Natalie Cole was 65 years old when she died. Natalie Cole’s family has confirmed that she died on December 31, 2015, which is New Year’s Eve, and they have said the following:

With heavy hearts, we have to tell you that both our mother and our sister have died. Natalie fought hard and bravely, and she died with the same strength, honor, and dignity she had lived with.

We will miss our mother and sister, who we loved very much, and they will always be in our hearts. So far, the following information has been spread, and TMZ has confirmed it: Natalie Cole, a singer who was good for many years, has died. TMZ has found out. Cole’s songs “This Will Be” and “Unforgettable” which she almost sang with her dad, Nat King Cole was recently sick, so he had to move some of his tour dates to late December. She also had to cancel a show in February because she was sick.

Natalie had health problems and struggled with drug use. In 2008, she was diagnosed with liver disease. In the end, she had a transplant. She also got Hepatitis C, for which she had to go through chemotherapy. Natalie has been married three times and has a son.

Because this is so sad, we are thinking of and praying for Natalie Cole’s child and the rest of her family. We are so thankful to Ms. Cole for giving us amazing music that touched our hearts. Rest in peace.