The Internet is a great place to visit. We can get online books, online classes, and even funny pictures that make us laugh out loud. Some pictures on the Internet will make you wonder what’s going on. You have a lot of questions, like “What? How? Why?” to which you may never know the answers.

Funny pictures like these are posted in one place. The Instagram account @junkmanbaby is all about collecting and sharing the weirdest pictures that have no explanation. And the more we look at those pictures, the stranger they look. We have put together a list of some of the strangest ones for you. Just scroll down and let us know if the photos make you feel like the end of the world is coming soon. Also, don’t be afraid to tell us in the comments how confused you are!

1. You have a nice head.

2. Goofy Goober!!

3. Where is the next one from?

4. Play dumb games and win dumb prizes

5. Attempts were made

6. Prepared for the next strain of virus

7. Date night!

8. Van Goulosh

9. He looks like a character from The Simpsons.

10. When you are hungry and horny at the same time