Tucker Carlson asked Kid Rock why “cancel culture” hasn’t been able to get rid of him, and the answer made the Fox News host laugh out loud.

Kid Rock agreed to do an interview with Tucker Carlson. The politically conservative rocker was promoting his summer 2021 single, We the People, which has gotten a lot of attention from the mainstream media. Rolling Stone said the song was rude and gave it a “thumbs down.”

“On the song, [Kid Rock] taps into the right-wing agenda by dropping F-bombs about social media platforms, criticizing President Joe Biden, and saying “Let’s go Brandon” 13 times,” Rolling Stone said before quoting more of the lyrics. “But Covid is close, it’s coming to town/We have to act fast, close our borders,” he raps before praising his MAGA daddy: “Joe Biden does it, the media loves it/Big Don does it, they call him a racist.”

Rolling Stone said, “This isn’t the first time the rap-rocker has yelled in his songs.” “In November, he released ‘Don’t Tell Me How to Live,’ in which he called the U.S. a “nation of p*ssies” and “sno wflakes” and compared himself to Bruce Springsteen and Brad Pitt. In the video for the song, he wore a T-shirt that said “Social Media Sucks.”

In his interview with Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson brought up the “woke culture” in response to Rolling Stone’s bad review of the musician. “Why haven’t they fired you yet?” Tucker asked. “For example, people can’t say what they think. You are.”

Kid Rock said, “I can’t be stopped.” “What gives?” Carlson inquired. Kid Rock said, “Because I don’t give a f*ck.” “At the end of the day, I’m not in bed with any big business things. I don’t have to answer to anyone: no record companies, no business interests, no one. You can’t cancel me. I’m glad when they try.”

We the People, Let’s go, Brandon” is the chorus of the song “We the People,” which is the name of Kid Rock’s tour. This song is very critical of Joe Biden. “If you’re down with love and want to make things better, all we have to do is come together, weather the storm, and take my hand,” the song says as a conclusion. Then follow me to the land of promise. We, the people, have to come together.”

Tucker Carlson laughs at Kid Rock’s idea of what it means to be “uncancelable.”
Kid Rock and Tucker Carlson also seem to be friends when they are not in front of the camera. TMZ says that the two were seen having a great time at the singer’s bar in Tennessee.

The Fox News host was seen having a good time at KR’s Big Ass Honky Tonk in Nashville, where he was treated like a VIP from the start, according to TMZ. “We were told that Tuck was taken to the VIP “Cadillac Room” and later watched the music battle from an upper deck area, where he and Kid were fighting and drinking,” they said. “Some people who were there say that Kid got on the mic at one point and said that Tucker was in the house. The crowd cheered and chanted “USA!” in response.”

TMZ then reported on the platinum singer’s response to being “uncancelable,” saying, “As you know, Kid has been very vocal about these kinds of issues, making cancel culture his latest social cause.”

Ted Nugent, who is also from Michigan and is a well-known rocker, recently spoke out about Kid Rock. Nugent said, “So Kid Rock and I both have that middle finger of independence.” “The most important thing in the world is being able to think critically. Anything that is the status quo or the standard way of doing things needs to be looked at, and you will learn to ignore it. Everything that stays the same is bad for the American Dream. This is what Kid Rock stands for.”

Here is the special with Tucker and Kid Rock in its entirety: