Julia Roberts is a beautiful, talented, and well-known actress in Hollywood. We all know that, but what most people don’t know is that Julia is also a great mom.

The star has three kids. Two of them are twins, a girl named Hazel Patricia and a boy named Finneas Walter. Their younger brother is named Henry Daniel Moder.

Hazel goes to a private school in Los Angeles, where she is a very good student. The girl has already tried acting and has been in a few movies, but she wants to be a model.

Phineas, her twin brother, hasn’t decided what he wants to do yet, but the younger one will probably become a singer. He goes to a school for singing, which he does very well.

Fans of the actress are always looking for her kids in random photos, since Julia has made it very clear that they can’t join social networks.

But lately, Daniel Moder, who is married to Julia Roberts, hasn’t been putting out many family photos. “The lovely mother is in the middle. We love you very much. ” Daniel wrote the caption.

The actress didn’t forget about Mother’s Day either, and she shared a great photo with her fans.