When mom saw the police officer, she grabbed her phone quickly.

The title of the video is “Gotham has Batman. Superman lives in Metropolis. Wakanda has Black Panther. And there is C.B. Fleming in South Hill, Virginia.”

Corporal C.B. Fleming doesn’t wear a black cape and mask when he walks around the city, and he doesn’t need a belt with cool gadgets to get people’s attention, but the kids in the neighborhood still call him Batman.

Fleming, who is 42 years old, is well-known in South Hill, Virginia, especially among children.

The name of this officer went viral because of a gas leak. In the afternoon, he made sure the kids were safe. And that’s when they started calling him by the cute name.

Nice nickname, too.

Finding out something upsetting
Last week, a dispatch call sent Fleming and a few emergency workers to Iesha Roper-house. Boswell’s After making sure the house was safe, he started talking to Roper-Boswell.

The mother, who was 28 years old, soon told Fleming that her daughter, niece, and all the other kids in the neighborhood were scared of cops.

Making it right
After they finished talking, Fleming got down on the sidewalk to play with the kids. The kids were surprised and happy to have a new friend to play with. One dressed up!

Roper-Boswell was left speechless.

Making headlines
Roper-Boswell took a quick video of the sweet moment with her phone so she could remember it. A lot of people have watched this video on both Facebook and YouTube.

Four-time dad
Fleming has six children. Four of them were born to him and two were adopted. He has worked at the South Hill Police Department in Virginia for 15 years, and he has always tried to be a good part of his community.

Fleming told WTVR, “I’ve always tried to do that.” “When I started this job, I knew there was more to it than just giving out tickets and always being the bad guy. I thought that if I could make someone’s day better, that was all that mattered.”

One of the heroes
He is a good person in the neighborhood.

“He’s great. Roper-Boswell says, “That’s the only word that really fits C.B.” “I can’t believe how close he is with the kids.” For him to make my child feel safe, she doesn’t even need to call 911. If she’s in trouble, she just needs to call C.B. I’m glad he got paid to do this. He has changed the lives of my daughter and niece.”

Now this is real service to the public.

Stays modest
Fleming doesn’t need a fancy sign or a suit that will get people’s attention. In fact, he wears the same uniform as his coworkers. What makes him different is how he treats his job and other people.

Everyone should pay attention to him.

And he really does like being around the kids. He really cares about the kids in the neighborhood. It’s not an act or a front. The kids love him for all he does for them.

This is how you change things in your community.

Watch the video below to see Officer Fleming with the kids. He is a real hero.