In 2018, a mudslide in California took the life of 17-year-old Jack Cantin. His body has now been found.

Kim Cantin, the teen’s mother, told local news stations about the terrible news.

On January 9, 2018, heavy rain destroyed Montecito, California, causing a huge mudslide. According to KCBS, the rain caused a huge mud and debris flow that wiped out more than 100 homes, including the Cantins’, and killed almost two dozen people.

Since the mudslide, the bodies of everyone who died, including Jack’s father, have been found. However, Jack and a 2-year-old child are still missing.

But no one stopped believing.

She said, “Every fiber of my mother told me he didn’t go to the ocean, and I knew she was right.”

Shortly after the tragedy, her husband’s body was found on the beach, and in May 2021, her son’s body was found near where the family used to live.

Dr. Danielle Kurin, an anthropologist at UC Santa Barbara, said in a report that she is “over 90% sure” that these are the remains of Jack Cantin.

Kim thanked the community for bringing Jack home after years of spending a lot of time looking for him.

“It was the love of everyone who helped me along the way, no matter who they were,” she said.

“The amazing thing is that I will be able to put Jack to rest in a dignified way at the cemetery next to his father, giving me closure. My family can put things to rest. His friends can put things to rest. And the community can finally feel at peace.”

Even though the ending is sad, the Cantin family and their friends can now move on.