Jenny Darren is the main character in our book today. She was on the show Britain’s Got Talent, and the judges were surprised by what she did. The 68-year-old woman chose the legendary band AC/song DC’s “Highway to Hell” for her performance. It should be said that the granny was able to literally blow up the Internet with her performance. In a word, Jenny knows about rock music from her own experience. The British began singing when they were 12 years old. She grew up listening to Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Lynne songs. By appointment—types of applications

Both serious and popular music. There are march and dance styles, as well as lyrical, epic, and dramatic styles based on the content. By where the performance took place, such as theater, concert, cinema, etc. Genres of music are always changing and getting better. So, music is a form of art that uses sound to make pictures of the real world. Its main goal is to affect a person’s feelings and senses. Voice art is the oldest form of music performance. This is how transmission works.

The artistic value of a piece of music as shown by a singing voice. Through the words and the way they are said, the sound becomes emotional. Depending on how many people are singing, you can call it a solo, a duet, a trio, a quartet, a quintet, or a choral. They practice singing with instruments and without them, with and without words (vocalise). Singing can be folk, academic, or pop depending on how it is done. Male singers are called tenor, baritone, and bass, while female singers are called soprano, mezzo-soprano, and soprano.