Get ready for a lot of cuteness. This video of a little girl singing to her horses is so cute that it will make you laugh out loud.

“Myf,” who is 3 years old, sure knows how to handle horses. All this little horse whisperer has to do is climb up on a nearby post and start singing.

The horses on her family’s farm come running right away because they don’t want to miss a second of her concert. Teddy and Chester, who live there, are her biggest fans.

When they hear that “We Are the World” is the song of the day, the two horses get very excited. That is their favorite, though. The problem is that the music makes them feel so sleepy that they fall asleep.

Myf’s beautiful horse friends love her with a love that hurts your heart. They even put their faces up against hers while they sleep to wake up.

They will not be gone for too long. Myf will be right there with the horses when they wake up, ready to give her animal friends some love and attention.