Life is sometimes so hard to predict, and we often get surprises we never saw coming. The African-American family was able to make sure of this because of what they had learned from their own lives.

Ben and Angela lived in England for a while and already had two kids. They decided to have a third child. But when a baby was born, both parents and doctors were surprised.

In 2010, a girl was born with white skin and cute curls of blonde hair.

Ben didn’t doubt that his wife was faithful because if she had gotten pregnant with a white man, the baby would have been a mulatto.

After tests and studies, the doctors said the girl had a genetic failure, which is why her skin and hair colors are so unusual for her race. The baby’s health was not affected by this strange thing.

She is 12 years old now. She is completely healthy and hasn’t grown or changed in any way that is different from her peers. The girl’s face is very similar to that of her father.

For this race, this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often, but it’s quite a place to be.

Her family says that she is an angel.