It’s been six years since he left “Live With Kelly and Michael.” He went on “Good Morning America” to finally tell the truth about how he really felt about Kelly.

Everyone knows that the end of their relationship wasn’t the best. Strahan left three months earlier than planned, which surprised both him and his co-host, Kelly Ripa. Because of this, she missed a week of the show. When she got back, she told him why she had left.

But what she said wasn’t very clear. Ripa told her audience about it when she got back to the show. She said, “I needed a few days to think about it; I’ve worked here for 26 years and have earned the right.” This started a much bigger conversation about communication, consideration, and, most importantly, respect in the workplace… apologies have been made.”

Strahan didn’t answer the questions about why the show was canceled and what his relationship with Ripa was or wasn’t until recently. He has said that he regrets leaving the show, but his relationship with Ripa is not the same as it was when they both worked there.

Today, both Ripa and Strahan continue to host their morning shows. For Ripa, it’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” which Ryan Seacrest joined in 2017 as a co-host, and for Strahan, it’s “Good Morning America.” He also works with Sara Haines to host the afternoon version of the morning show.

Strahan also said in an old interview with the New York Times that he and Ripa had some problems behind the scenes while they were still hosting. He said, “I’ve been the same person from the beginning.” One thing I won’t do is change my mind because someone else wants me to. I learned a lot from Kelly and from Michael Gelman, who is the executive producer.

When it was time to leave, they left. Things that were going on in the background just caught up with them.

He also made it clear that what happened didn’t make him angry. He also says, “If people think, ‘Oh, he hates her,’ that’s not true. I do have respect for what she can do at work. I just can’t say enough good things about how well she does her job.”

Strahan said that he tried to make things better between them. He said, “One of the things I tried to do was to meet with her every few weeks. We saw each other a few times, which was fine. But she said in the end that she didn’t need to meet. Can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do.”

In an interview with Time, Strahan also said that his friendship with Ripa had changed since he left. To be honest, they don’t talk to each other much any more. He said, “I learned from everything that happened with that that you can’t make people like you.” “We haven’t talked in a long time.”

He also said that being on the show with Ripa taught him things. He said, “You learn how to tell a story. “What did you do last night?” “I had a glass of water,” she said. But you learn how to tell the story so that it sounds like the most interesting glass of water. Those are all things she taught me. In that way, she’s very smart.”

Their fans and people who watched the show had a lot of questions about what was going on. But now that Michael has told his side of the story, everything is clear.