At the end of his shift, a FedEx driver went with his gut and did the right thing.

Damien Rose was on his way home from work as a FedEx driver in South Carolina when he saw something strange.

Local news reports say that he said, “I just happened to see smoke coming from far away, and when I saw the two cars, I knew it was an accident.”

As he got closer, he saw that two cars had been in an accident and heard someone yell, “Get the kid!”

Rose got out of his truck right away and ran toward one of the cars that had broken down. He was able to get the child out of their car seat and carry them to safety.

He ran back to help a woman who was stuck in the second car, but he couldn’t get the door open no matter how hard he tried.

He said, “It was just a gut feeling that I wasn’t going to let anyone die or anything like that.”
Rose even stayed with the families until help arrived from the emergency services.

Even though the people in the accident thanked him for stopping to help them, Rose said that he was the one who felt thankful.
“I hope that good fortune comes back. He said, “It always comes back.” “Stuff like that never throws me off.”