People say that music has the magical ability to calm, touch, and even take over a person’s soul. Marcio Donaldson sees a lot of truth in this belief.

When he and his sister were put into foster care, Marcio had no one but music to help him forget about his situation. But music did more than help him deal with his problems. It made him happy and gave him something to look forward to.

Marcio grew up to be a brave man who doesn’t give up on his dreams. Marcio tried out for American Idol because he believed in his talent and skills and wanted to follow his dream of becoming a singer. He had a golden ticket because he passed the first test. But he didn’t do anything more than what the group did.

But he didn’t let the fact that he lost on American Idol the first time get to him. Instead, he saw it as a chance to get better at what he was already good at. And when American Idol let in new hopefuls, Marcio got back in line to try out again.

Marcio walked into the audition room with his adopted son and told his tearful but inspiring story on his viral audition tape.

As it turns out, the hard times the 28-year-old singer has been through have made him stronger.

“It was tough to grow up in the city.” Marcio said that he and his sister had been put into foster care when they were young. “You know how people say that the cycle keeps going? At first, my mother was in the system. Then I got into it. Then my sister gave birth to a baby.”

As it turned out, his sister’s drug problems made it clear that she couldn’t take care of her child. Officers from the police came to Marcio’s house with his 1-week-old nephew.

“The police and a social worker came to my house, brought him in, and there was this baby who was only a week old,” Marcio said. “They told me, ‘You have 10 minutes to decide if you want to keep the child or not.'”

When I saw them, I said, “I’ll take him!” Marcio took care of his nephew, who is now his son, without hesitating for a second.

“I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. But in truth, he’s a real gift. I’m sure it was the right thing to do. And he’s made my life different.” Marcio went on to say that his son had made him a better person.

So, when Marcio returns to American Idol, he is not only singing and living out his dreams, but also doing it for his son.

“I want to show him what a real man can do when he puts himself out there. I want to improve his life.” Marcio was clear about what he wanted.

Marcio told the judges his story, which they found very moving. But Lionel Richie was the most moved out of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie.

He had been a foster parent before, so he knew what it was like. People might not know that he adopted Nicole Richie, the daughter of a bandmate who couldn’t give Nicole what she needed when she was young.

After telling his sad story, Marcio showed off his talent by singing the song “Jealous” with all his heart. And because his amazing talent blew away all three judges, Marcio once again got a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Even though his nephew didn’t name him American Idol 2018, he is more than just a singing champion. Marcio, who is 28 years old, has talent given to him by God, a strong heart, and a passionate soul. He is sure to go far in life.

Grab a box of tissues and WATCH Marcio’s moving audition, which will make you cry for the right reasons.

His story is a beautiful example of what a man can do when he is willing to step up to the plate.