Beechwood Hall was built in the 1850s and is near Franklin, Tennessee, according to FOX. The house made it through the Civil War and was later owned by Williams and then by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, two of the biggest stars in country music.

Larry Keele, a fund manager, bought the home last year. It is on 268 acres, and people in the area are worried that he is going to tear it down.

Kid Rock Starts to Play
Kid Rock told Tucker Carlson last night that he is “sick of seeing history ripped to pieces.”

“Whether it’s in the form of monuments, statues, or now something so important here in Nashville, where does it end?” he added.

Kid Rock then asked other people to join the fight to keep Beechwood Hall from being destroyed.

“I think a lot of people will join,” he said. “They can go to, where I think they’ll find a lot more country music stars, musicians, and just good people from the area who want to keep this place around for future generations. That many generations later.”

Kid Rock said, “We hope to figure this out in a good way.” “But if that doesn’t work, we can also do some hillbilly stuff.”