As they wait for their baby to come, every couple who is expecting feels both great excitement and fear… So, finding out you’re carrying twins is both stressful and exciting.

When a couple saw their two snow-white babies, the fact that they were twins added to their shock.

Jorge Gomez and his wife did not know that their two beautiful daughters would get so much attention around the world when they were born in 2018.

When Mr. and Mrs. Gomez found out they were expecting in 2018, they were overjoyed. They were looking forward to making their first son a big brother and completing their family.

Like any sensible couple who is expecting, they went to the doctor often for checkups and to make sure everything was okay. During one of these visits, they found out they were having twin girls, not just one baby.

It is dangerous to carry and give birth to not just one but two children at the same time, but Ms. Gomez’s pregnancy was completely normal.

The Gomez family was happy and looking forward to meeting their two new daughters through it all. The usual things were set up, like making sure there was enough room for their soon-to-arrive bundles of joy.

But they didn’t count on one thing. The twin girls were born 36 weeks early in an Argentine hospital in the province of Tucuman.

Even so, the two little fighters, Catalina and Virginia, were in good shape. Catalina was the first person to weigh 5.95 pounds. Two minutes later, 5.5-pound Virginia showed up.

Even though they were born early, their healthy weight was not the most surprising thing about them. Catalina and Virginia came out of the cave with hair as white as snow, and neither of them looked like their parents.

The girls were born with albinism, which is a rare genetic disease that makes the skin have no color. In the United States, for example, albinism is found in only one out of every 17,000 babies. Albinism tends to run in families, and in most cases, both parents must have the gene for albinism.

Jorge told a local newspaper that they were very happy when the doctor told them they were having two children, and that their happiness did not change at all when the babies were born and the parents found out they were albinos. The parents say that this is a blessing for them.

When Catalina and Virginia were born, they were the first albino twins to be born in Argentina.

Everyone was surprised by how different their genetic disease was. But Jorge and his wife thought their child was a blessing. Father Jorge said that when the parents found out they were having twins, they were overjoyed. When the twins were born and it was found that they were albinos, their happiness did not change at all.

But the twins bring new security problems that need to be fixed. One example is that people born with albinism, like girls, are especially sensitive to UV rays, so Gomez has to be extra careful about sun protection at all times.

This year, Catalina and Virginia will be four years old, and as they get older, they get cuter every day.

In December 2021, the girls showed up wearing clothes made by a close family friend. We hope that their story and these pictures will help people learn more about albinism and show how beautiful albino people can be.

Most importantly, the Gomezes have shown that every child, no matter how they were born, deserves to be loved and cared for without being judged.

They are so sweet! The story of Katherine and Virginia shows us that all children should be valued and appreciated, no matter what their genes are like.