Elsie, Jennifer Moore’s six-month-old baby, loves to share toys with Mabel, the family’s 11-week-old puppy. Elsie and Mabel are like twins and are always together.

Mabel is like a baby, and she likes to lie on her back and play with different bright mobiles. She loves to poke them with her paw and pick them up in her mouth.

Elsie does exactly the same thing, but she doesn’t bite. They will sometimes lay next to each other and play with the same toy. Even as a young puppy, Mabel can move around a bit more.

Watching them together is so cute. Mabel sometimes forgets how big she is, and when she and Elsie are standing next to each other, Mabel’s paws touch Elsie.

Mabel’s rolling all over Elsie doesn’t seem to bother her. She is trying hard to get her toys and learn how to sit up and stay up, just like her friend.

When Elsie isn’t in her baby bouncer, Mabel will jump in and chew as much as she can on the toy that hangs down. Mabel is a strong-willed dog, and Elsie can learn a lot from her.

Jennifer just can’t get enough of her baby and dog, who are very close. She keeps a close eye on them and writes down every special thing they do together. Mabel and Elsie will one day be running around together.