The teenager is showing everyone that in sports, size doesn’t matter.

Our society has always tried to make us fit into a certain mold. It seems like everyone has the same idea of what a person should look like and be like, like how we were led to believe that men and women should have different standards of beauty and jobs.

People started to break the rules little by little. Some people still try to force their old ideas on us, but we admire the women who don’t give in: the engineers, astronauts, and race car drivers who are women. Models of different sizes, shapes, races, and ethnicities.

This teen’s video went viral because it showed that he could beat those ideas people had about him. Zeke Sanchez is strong-willed and passionate, which he needed to be good at the sport he chose.

You might as well break the rules if you don’t fit them. That’s what Zeke Sanchez did to what most people thought his sport, diving, would be like.

How do we picture a diver? Someone probably worked out all those abs and muscles. They call it the “Baywatch body.” But Zeke doesn’t look like that, and he showed people that that’s not the only way a diver looks. He shows that this is true.

Zeke put a video of his attempt to dive on Instagram in 2018, and more than 180,000 people watched it. A sports page picked this up before, but Zeke wasn’t mentioned. He worked on getting noticed again because he thought it would be cool.

She also said that in their sport, it’s important to work hard and pay attention to the details, which Zeke has done over and over again. His skill and hard work were an inspiration to many, including his coach, teammates, and kids his size and age who might not think they belong in sports.