Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams were two of the funniest people to ever appear on TV. Before things got so politically correct, everyone could laugh at their jokes.

When they were together, it was really impossible to not laugh. So you can imagine how funny it got when these two funny guys joined Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show.”

“The Tonight Show”

When Robin was just starting out in his career, he looked up to Jonathan Winters. When they became friends, Winters had a big impact on Robin’s career.

They were great at playing off each other, which was both entertaining and inspiring to see. Winters probably also learned a lot from working with a young man like Robin.

After “Mork and Mindy” ended, they went on Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show” and had a lot to talk about.

As you can see in the video below, they kept getting their energy from each other just like they did when they were on TV.

Johnny couldn’t help but laugh at his crazy co-star, and the same was true for Johnny.

Winters wore an interesting outfit when he walked out on stage. Winters said a lot of nice things about his younger friend, even though the mood was silly.

Watch the video down below. Some of these old late-night shows are fun to watch again. Back then, things were so different.

I sure do miss these people…

We were very fortunate to have these two funny people for as long as we did. They made us laugh and forget about the bad times, which is sometimes the only thing that can be done.

Even though we miss them very much, we will always remember how much of an impact they had on comedy and on our hearts.

Check out this comedy clip from 1983 to see how Robin Williams used to be.

And here is one of the most memorable things Jonathan Winters did on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson in 1976. This comedic legend had Carson in stitches!