Sir Tom Jones is a living legend who always gets people talking when he’s around. The 78-year-old judged as a guest on The Voice UK and got a lot of attention. Fans started asking for his 1965 hit “It’s Not Unusual” as soon as he walked out of the door. The entertainer came to life with just one push from Ollie.

Tom Jones starts out slowly, but as the song goes on, he picks up speed and gets a feel for it. Within a few bars, Tom is full of energy and singing with the same feeling, power, and contagious swagger that made him famous in the 1960s. Jennifer Hudson was star-struck after a little more than a minute.

In a performance that is really nothing out of the ordinary for Sir Tom Jones, he shows that he still has it all. The Welsh singer sings “It’s Not Unusual” with the same youthful enthusiasm he showed when he was younger, even though his act comes out of the blue after he was a guest judge on “The Voice.”