Everyone knows Netflix isn’t having a good year. They have to deal with a large number of subscribers leaving and a lot of news stories about their price increases. But would you believe that a debate about Marilyn Monroe on Netflix is the strangest one?

Blonde, a movie about Marilyn Monroe’s life that will only be available on Netflix, stars Ana de Armas. The director of the movie is Andrew Dominik, and the MPAA recently gave it an NC-17 rating.

Fans have thought and talked a lot about what could have caused this rating. But what’s the real reason, and how does it connect to the book that the movie is based on? Find out by reading on!

What does “Blonde” come from?

Marilyn Monroe’s life has been the subject of a lot of movies. So, what’s different about this movie? It was made into a movie from one of the most ambitious books written in the last few decades.

Blonde was written by Joyce Carol Oates, who is a famous author. It came out in 2000. The book was about Marilyn Monroe and had about 700 pages, so it was already a very long and ambitious piece of writing. But Oates had a different idea: she was going to write about Monroe’s life in a fictional story.

What’s the meaning? For one thing, many biographies of Monroe have different ideas about many parts of her life. By making it a work of fiction, Oates didn’t have to try to make sense of the many different stories about Monroe’s life.

Also, the book gives Oates all the creative freedom she needs to write about a person who is bigger than life. The novel is a work of fiction and imagination, and the New Yorker says that Oates plays with, rearranges, and makes up facts about Monroe’s life in order to get to a deeper poetic and spiritual truth.