Summer isn’t just about going to the beach and getting a tan. This also means that the rats, bugs, spiders, and rodents are free to move around. They are everywhere, and when it gets cold, they will try to find a place to hide in your house. They can get in your house without you knowing.

We all know that they can bring germs and viruses that we don’t want to deal with. If you care about how clean your house is, you should know how to keep these bugs away.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on chemical repellents and exterminators when you can use things you already have at home to keep rats and spiders away? TEA BAGS are a method that has been tried and shown to work. Here are some easy steps you can take to make sure your home is free of pests before winter.

Make a cup of hot tea with a peppermint tea bag and make sure the bag is fully soaked.

Take out the tea bag and put it in places around your house where you think pests might try to live.

If your house has any holes where a rat or spider could get in, you can also put the tea bags there.

Pests might come to more than one place in your house, so you might need more than one cup of peppermint tea.

Put the tea bags in these places, and after a few days, you should no longer have pests in your home.

Tea Bag Method: Is It Effective?

This isn’t a very common household hack, so it makes sense that many people would question whether or not it works. You might be wondering how a tea bag can keep rats and spiders out of your house. Pests don’t like the smell of peppermint. When they smell the tea bags you’ve put out, they will go somewhere else because they can’t stand the smell.

The tea bag method is very helpful, especially in the summer when spiders and rats are more likely to come into our homes. You can also use this method in the fall and winter as an extra safety measure to keep those pests away. You can save time, money, and work by using your tea bag and hot water. Along with the peppermint tea bags, you should always keep your home clean.

Put trash in the trash cans and keep them clean and covered. Rats are drawn to the smell of garbage because they hope to find food and a place to live in your home.

This method has been tried by a lot of people. At first, they didn’t believe it would work, but when they tried it, they couldn’t believe how well it did. Some people might think this is a crazy idea, but it’s been going around the Internet, and more and more people are trying it.

Not only is it a cheap trick, but it also works very well. With the tea bags, you don’t have to buy expensive pesticides or clean up dead rats.

You don’t have to kill them, just keep them away. Tea bags are an easy and cheap way to keep pests out of your house all year long. So, why don’t you just do it? Start making tea and get rid of those bugs!