There are a lot of teenagers today who are afraid of becoming “adults.” One thing they worry about is going into debt when they buy a house or a car. This is probably why this 17-year-old did something so cool that other teens should think about doing it too.

Tom, who lived in Bristol, England, always wanted to own his own home. He not only wants a place to call his own, but he also wants to build it himself, right down to the plumbing and wiring. What did Tom do, then? This teen used his own hands and £6,000 (about $7,452) to build his own home.

Bryce Langston, who hosts the web series Living Big in a Tiny House, said, “It’s incredible that he was able to build this house for only £6,000. Tom is only 20 years old, but his first home is now done and he has no debt on it. “What an amazing achievement!”

His small, rustic-style house is built on top of a trailer that is parked on the land of his grandparents. Tom is now 20 years old and has been a carpenter for a long time. And because he built his own house, he doesn’t have any debt.

When asked why he built this tiny house, he said, “I just thought about the high cost of housing and how I want to be able to go out and build whatever I want.”

Tom told them that he was an apprentice builder and was learning the skills he would need to build his own house. He started buying his materials. To save money, most of them were recycled or used before. Even though his house is small, it has a charming, old-fashioned look to it. It is totally useful and has everything he needs in a small space.

Back then, Tom’s plan for his home was to keep things simple. And then he did this. Both the outside and the inside of the house are simple. But it wasn’t as easy to build as people think. He found it hardest to work on the roof. Tom’s house is 5 by 2 meters.

5 meters. This way, it could travel and still meet the rules for England’s narrow roads. This tiny house also has solar panels and collects rainwater to use. Tom said that he used wood from old pallets, wood from his own jobs, and wood from local businesses like a scaffolding company to build it. He would sand and varnish them carefully until they were ready for his new house.

The front of the house has a small deck with room for two chairs and a small table. This gives the house a cutesy look. From the front of the house, you can see two windows, a small window in the loft, and a double door with glass on both sides. And when you walk in, there is a window on the far wall to the right.

Tom’s house is full of pictures and other decorations. He also put a full-size couch there, which he hopes to turn into a couch that can also be used to store things someday.

Tom has shown that if you put your mind, heart, and soul into something, nothing is impossible.