I’d like to know what triplets who were born in 1987 look like now. The triplets were born in Dublin on April 25, 1987, and they were all the same. Nicola, Laura, and Allison were the girls’ names.

People often get twins mixed up, but these three sisters looked so much alike that not even their parents could tell them apart.

As they got older, the sisters became very pretty, and from the time they were young, they got many offers to try modeling. The girls’ parents were determined that their kids would have a real childhood and still have time to get a job. Still, the girls became models when they were 16 years old.

The Crimmins sisters are well-known in their home town today. They are often invited to fashion shows and often take part in them. Magazine covers are often adorned with blondes who are very beautiful. Of course, this gives girls a lot of attention and money, but it also puts some limits on them because their main point is not their looks but their unique personalities.

Nature gave Alison, Laura, and Never their whole personalities, which made them come to life. Every day starts with them running together, then they eat breakfast together and go to the gym, where they do the same exercises while a trainer watches.

The girls have a beauty salon and a stylist, so they won’t lose their biggest advantage, which is that they look alike. All three women are 180 cm tall and weigh 54 kg. Their waists and chests are also the same size. Of course, all the girls wear the same clothes and use the same make-up and perfume.

Even when they are not together, they talk to each other all the time. If one of the sisters decided not to follow a strict diet, the other two sisters would do the same. They buy everything they need at the same stores, both food and clothes. They always go to the same places.

The only difference is that each sister has her own set of friends and family. Yes, Alison and Nicola haven’t given their hearts to anyone yet, but Laura is already in a long-term relationship.

The sisters admit that their way of life is not a burden for them. They love to spend time together because there are no other people as close to them. And they really like it when people notice them, since they are all the same and you don’t see such beautiful women every day.