Jenny Darren is the hero of our story for today. He became famous on the show British Got Talent, where he surprised all of the music case judges. The 68-year-old woman chose the legendary ac/DC band’s song “Highway to Hell” for her performance. It’s important to remember that with his speech, he managed to blow up the whole Internet.

To sum up, Jenny knew a lot about rock music. At age 20, the British started to work on their singing. He grew up singing songs by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Linne. By appointment – applied genres.

Both serious and popular music. Based on the story, there are genres like song and dance that are lyrical, epic, and dramatic. Place where plays, concerts, movies, and other types of performances take place. Genres of music were often changed and improved. So, music is an art form where images and sounds are used to show what is real. It is mostly about how people feel and what they can feel. One of the oldest ways to make music is through vocal art. Some people also call this the art of transmission.

The singing voice is what gives the piece of music its artistic value. You can show how you feel through your voice by using words and sounds. The song is split into parts for one person, two people, three people, four people, five people, and the organ.

They learn to sing with and without instruments, with and without words, and with and without instrumental accompaniment (vocals).

Depending on the style of the performance, singing can be folk, academic, or pop.

Male singing is called tenor, female singing is soprano, mezzo-soprano, drum, and bass.