Abbie worked as a trash collector to help pay for her husband’s medical bills. One day, she was surprised to find a stroller left near the trash cans. She looked inside and was surprised to see that there were two babies sleeping in it.

When Abbie got up, the streets were still dark and the early morning joggers hadn’t started their workouts for the day. She washed her face, changed the bandage on her hurt husband Steven, and made a cup of coffee for herself.

Abbie drank it in three quick sips, then put on her uniform and went to work. She had already made Steven breakfast and, as she always did, put a note on the fridge for him.

She got out of her truck when she got to the first trash dump of the day, emptied the bins, and put all the trash in one place. After putting them in her car, she was about to leave when she saw an abandoned stroller in the middle of the road.

She wondered why a stroller was sitting there with no one close by, so she went over to it. When she looked inside, she was shocked to see that two babies were sleeping in it…

“Jesus! Who would leave their kids here in this weather?” she was curious.

Abbie looked around, but she didn’t see anyone. She went to a few doors nearby and asked if anyone knew anyone with twin girls, but no one did.

Abbie finally called the police, who called CPS, who took the kids into their care.

Love can do so much more than hate can, like make miracles.

“What did you find out about the girls, ma’am? Nothing? No info, no ID, nothing?” The officer asked her.

She said, “No, I didn’t.” “But how—how could someone just leave such beautiful babies like that?”

The police officer laughed. “You have no idea how many times parents just leave their kids at our office. It’s crazy, right? If you can’t take care of them, why have them? Anyway, ma’am, I appreciate your help. If we find anything, we’ll let you know.”

Abbie said, “Thank you very much, officer,” as she left.

When she thought about the girls that night at home, she felt awful. Did they really get left behind? What if they had been hurt really badly? What if something happened to their parents? What if…their parents were lost forever? Would Steven be willing to take them in?

Even Abbie knew she shouldn’t have been so pessimistic as to think the girls’ parents would never be found, but a part of her wanted the kids. They needed a loving home, but she and Steven couldn’t have children.

“Well, honey, what do you think?” She wanted to have dinner with her husband. “Would you shelter them?”

“Don’t think about that yet, honey,” he told her. “Well, I don’t want you to be disappointed. What if you really want them, but they show up with their parents? I know how hard it has been for you to get pregnant.”

“I know…” Abbie said quietly. “But I… I want to take them home… I’m willing to wait.”

Time went by quickly, and no one knew who the twins’ parents were. Abbie and Steven were both ready to adopt the kids. He was glad that they would finally be able to get over the pain of not having a child, but he and his wife were in for more bad news.

“…Because you are certified as a foster parent, things go more smoothly,” the social worker said. “But we’d still have to do a background check and all that, but the girls…”

Abbie was worried about the girls and asked, “What’s wrong with them?” “Is everything okay?”

The worker said, “Yes, yes, they’re fine.” “The problem is that the girls can’t hear,” he said.

“What?” Abbie gasped as she grabbed Steven’s hand. “They can’t hear?

“Yes, they are,” the worker went on. “Those who left them probably didn’t want children with disabilities. Every day, we deal with a lot of cases like this. Sad. I want to know if you still want to take them in. Look, most parents don’t want a child who is different.

“NO!” Abbie screamed and jumped up. “Who said that we’d change our minds? I would do anything to get them to come home. Poor babies! “How could they just…”

Before Abbie could finish her sentence, she broke down and cried in Steven’s arms because she felt so bad for the little girls. She felt bad for those poor people who didn’t have anyone, and they were lucky to be able to take in the girls.

Steven and Abbie’s lives were changed by the twins. Everyone in the house could hear them crying and laughing with happiness, and the couple couldn’t have been happier.

Abbie started working more than one job to help pay for them, and everything went well. Their life was wonderful.

Steven and Abbie’s lives were complete when Hannah and Daina came along six months later. Then, one day, something strange happened.

After 12 years…

Abbie, Steven, and the girls were having lunch when Abbie got a call from a woman named Bethany. At this point, both Steven and Abbie worked for good companies.

“Hello, I hope this is the way to get in touch with Hannah and Diana’s mother?”

“Yes, it’s… “How can I help you? replied Abbie.

“Wonderful. “Hello, Mrs. Lester! This is Bethany calling to tell you…”

When Abbie heard what Bethany had to say, she almost dropped the phone.

Abbie asked, “Are you sure?” “What did my girls do? Really, they did? Oh, yes, yes, thank you, sure!”

Hannah and Diana have been great at drawing models and clothes since they were in elementary school. A company that makes clothes for disabled children offered them a $530K partnership.

The girls’ art teacher was impressed by how good they were, so she told Bethany, who was a friend of one of her friends, about them.

Abbie hugged her girls and cried as she hung up the phone. Both she and Steven were very proud of Hanna and Dianna.

In sign language, she told them, “Mommy and Daddy love you girls the most. You are the brightest stars in the whole world. We’re proud of you girls today…” Then she told them about what they had done well.

The family laughed, cried, and ordered a very large cake to mark the event. Hannah and Diana decided to accept the opportunity and start their own business instead of going to college, and the girls are doing fantastically well today.

Abbie and Steven didn’t even have separate beds for their girls when they first got married, but they always loved and supported them, and now they have everything. Everything they could have asked for.