The less a person has to live on, the more creative he has to be to find a way to make it in this world. Liu Lingchao is a poor Chinese man whose whole life had to change. A few years ago, a man lost his job and had to move out of the rental home he had been living in. The Chinese just couldn’t afford to pay the rent. The man had no choice but to live on the street. Lingchao was always getting wet because of the rain, and it was hard for him to find a place to sleep at night. Even if a man looked under a bridge or in an abandoned building for a dry place, there was almost always someone else there.

Almost 2% of the people in China live below the poverty line, so it’s not surprising that they had to fight with other poor people even for a night on the street. When Liu Lingchao’s patience ran out, he decided to do something to change things. The man used a turtle or a snail as an example because they always carry their home with them. So that’s how to put this idea into practice for a person? Lingchao was very resourceful and made a mobile home out of things he found around the house, like trash. He used bamboo and plastic wrap to make his idea come true. The first material gave the hut enough strength, and the second kept the rain out.

It turned out that the small design was both light and very reliable. Even though such a house looks awful, that wasn’t what was important to Lingchao. The man wanted to stop getting wet and find somewhere to sleep on his own. About 60 kilograms is how much the structure weighs now. But this is not a building that stays in one place. Lingchao wanted to build a house that could be moved whenever it was necessary. A man makes money by selling empty plastic bottles, so he has to move around. The Chinese improved on his idea until he could carry his own house on his back. And the clever man was successful! Now, he can get a piece of bread at any time by going out on the road.

Lingchao says he can walk more than 10 kilometers in a day. The man has everything he needs with him at the same time. When people see Lingchao, they call him “the snail man.” He does carry his own house on his shoulders, after all. The Chinese made a mobile structure out of things they found and didn’t buy. But because of what he made, he no longer had to get wet in the rain and had to fight for a dry, warm place to sleep. Even though the house is small, it has everything a guy needs. Inside, Lingchao makes a fire and cooks food using the simple tools on the shelves. The Chinese have been putting together 3 models of houses for a few years now. The first two fell apart, but when Lingchao built the last one, he made up for mistakes he made when putting together the first two.

With his strange home, the man has already been to more than half the states. The Chinese man says that the portable hut lets him move around and not waste time looking for a place to stay. Next to a mobile home, a man sells empty bottles. It turns out that Lingchao is always at home, no matter where he is. There are a lot of important problems in the modern world, like not having enough resources and places to live, and being poor. Lingchao has lived as a homeless person below the poverty line, so she knows what it’s like.

But the man doesn’t give up. Instead, he does everything he can to make his life easier. Lingchao didn’t have enough money to build a good house, but his choice was one of the best he could have made in his situation.