Most people have an opinion on child care, education, and the school system. Students in the U.S. are now far behind those in other countries. Why?

This letter was written by a retired teacher to the local newspaper to finally say what she thought.

The professor wrote:

I thought it was right on, but you should read it for yourself and tell us if you agree.

“As a retired teacher, I’m sick of people who haven’t been in a classroom in a while or who don’t know anything about public schools telling us how to fix our education system.

The problem is not with the teachers! The problem is with the parents! They don’t teach their kids good manners, respect, or even how to get along with other people in general.

Children come to school with shoes that cost more than the teacher’s whole suit, but they don’t have any pencils or paper. Who gives them to them? Most of the time, teachers pay for this on their own.

Look at the parents and students when you look at schools that are “failing.” Parents, do you come to parents’ nights? Do they talk to their teachers often? Do they make sure their kids are ready by making sure they have what they need? Do they watch to see that their kids do their homework?

Have they given you a business number? Do students write down notes? Do they finish their work? Do students pay attention in class, or do they make it hard to learn?

When you look at these things, you’ll see that it’s not the schools that fail, but the parents. Teachers can’t do both of their jobs at the same time. Nothing will get better until parents do their jobs!”