By the time your baby is three and a half months old, you’ll be able to tell if he or she likes to be around other people or would rather be alone. You can’t tell from these signs whether he will be an introvert or an extrovert when he grows up. Some babies like to be alone or with just a small group of people. Other babies, on the other hand, like to be surrounded by people.

Your 14-week-old baby will learn a lot from his surroundings, and his brain will work to make sense of what he learns. Now, he will be much more interested in other parts of the house, and he will want to look around the whole place. Your child’s upper body will be strong enough, and the muscles in his or her neck will also be strong. He might be able to keep his neck straight and look around for longer periods of time without much trouble.

Fly around the house with your baby on your shoulder while whistling and making airy sounds. If he holds himself so that he looks back, moving backwards can be a lot of fun and make him laugh and giggle. If you’re into fitness and have a gym ball or big beach ball, you can hold your baby and put him on top of it. Then, gently roll the ball in different directions and let the baby wiggle and move a little in each direction.