A video is going around the Internet that shows that fathers and their children, or rather their grandchildren, are not an example of misunderstanding, but rather an idyll in everything, even in the way they dance.

Grandpa Bill is 72 years old, but he decided he couldn’t stay behind his loving 10-year-old granddaughter, Maeve, even if she danced wildly in front of him.

The Californian took part in a local talent competition, so she made up a dance that wasn’t at all common. Her grandfather, who works at the zoo as a keeper, took the young smooth jaguar’s request very seriously.

On the boxes, we can see that the grandfather is a little too excited to draw the secrets, but he is brave and most of all plastic. Maeve and Bill make a wheel at the end of the cool demo. Two or three breaks from generalizations and obvious examples of complements will come next.