This guy has heart and spirit, and he has an idea that could help thousands of farmers all over the United States.
Reality shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den in the UK are watched by a huge number of people. Why? Because the idea behind the shows is fun and sometimes intense, and we never know what will happen when an inventor or business person stands in front of the Sharks or the Dragons.

The Sharks help people who want to start their own businesses get deals that could make them rich. The would-be business owners offer a piece of their business in exchange for an investment that would help them grow. They sometimes ask investors to put money into a business idea or plan.

Whether or not they get the money depends on a lot of different things. The most important thing is how much money investors think they will make when the business grows.

During an episode of Shark Tank, a humble farmer from Florida named Johnny Georges shared a unique idea that could change the lives of thousands of farmers in the United States and around the world.

In particular, Georges asked for an investment of $150,000 in his company, “Tree T-Pee.” He showed off a new way to water plants that changes the game and saves farmers thousands of gallons of water every year. The only problem was that it costs Georges $2.95 to make one item, which he then sells for $4.50. The Sharks didn’t think this was a good investment, so they asked Georges to lower the price to $12.

Well, the problem with that number is that he didn’t want to charge too much for his product because he knows how hard farmers work to make sure everyone has food to eat.

Georges got scared, and tears started to fall from his eyes. He was sure he wouldn’t get anything from the show, especially when one of the investors left.

Then, though, another investor decided to give Georges all of the money he had asked for. Not just because it was a great idea, but also because they knew how much it meant to this humble and kind farmer.

George didn’t compromise his values for money, and he stood up for every farmer in the country. Everyone should really praise what he did.