After a short battle with cancer, Kirstie Alley died. She turned 71. Alley left behind the two kids she had adopted a few years earlier because she thought she would never have children again. The kids were her main source of support. Even though she was overweight, they accepted, loved, and helped her.

Kirstie Alley, who has won many awards for her work on TV, thought she would never have children. But she was very lucky to have two children who she loved very much.

Kirstie Alley, who starred in “Cheers,” had two children. But before she had a child, she lost a pregnancy in 1990 when she was three months along.

At the time, Alley was married to actor Parker Stevenson, who she had married for the second time in 1983. In her book, which came out in 2015, the winner of an Emmy was honest about the loss of her pregnancy and how it hurt her health.

Alley had a hard time accepting that she’d lost her baby and put on weight. She told herself she was still pregnant, even though she had lost her baby months before. She also found out that she had less chance of becoming a mother:

“I didn’t get over it when the baby left. […] I was still heavy, and I was still sad.”

So, she and her partner chose to adopt instead. Alley and Parker had their first child, a son named True Stevenson, in 1992, two years after they got married.

When their daughter, Lillie Stevenson, was born two years later, the couple grew their family. Parker and Alley got a divorce in 1997, but they continued to share custody of their children. In an interview with People in 2006, the mother of two talked proudly about becoming a mother and said that being a mother was one of her good traits.

Alley brought up helpful children who made her a grandmother.
Alley raised her son and daughter away from Hollywood, where people were always watching. Even so, she couldn’t stop going on and on about them in interviews. In 2006, the caring mother said that her kids were too “protective” of her.

True and Lillie also helped their mother get back in shape by showing her how to do it. When they went swimming, they always asked her to join them in the water.

Alley finally got her confidence back, and in 2006 she was brave enough to wear a bikini on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.” It was her way of celebrating her journey to lose weight, and she told the media mogul that it wouldn’t have happened without the help of her kids.

After she lost weight, the woman from Kansas became a grandmother for the first time in 2016 when her son had his first child, Waylon Tripp Parker.

The Golden Globe winner posted pictures of her new grandson on Twitter and wrote, “Proud Gammy.”

The star of “It Takes Two” spent her first Christmas as a grandparent with Waylon, who was only six months old at the time. She told People that the holiday was a lot of fun for her.

When True and his girlfriend worked for her for a few months, she spent more time with her grandchild and said it was “stupendous and exhilarating.”

The TV star would be the first person to hold the baby every morning, show him the holiday decorations, and “sing to him” as they walked around. Alley said it made her happy to see her son take care of his own children.

She told True and his girlfriend that they were made to be parents because they were good parents. But True’s mother wasn’t surprised that he was a caring father.

The star of “Look Who’s Talking” said her son was always good with kids. Also, they had always liked him. Alley said this about her son: “He loves babies.”

True married his best friend from high school when he was only seventeen years old. After dating for a year, the couple got married. In 2010, before the wedding, True’s mother said that he and his girlfriend were crazy about each other and that he took good care of her.

His sister also found love. She told the world on social media that she was going to marry her boyfriend, Chaffee Burkhart Graham.

Lillie wrote that Graham was the perfect match for her and couldn’t wait to call him her husband. She put the note next to a picture of the two of them in which she showed off her engagement ring.

She also had her first child, a boy named Ripp Woodrow Graham, in May 2021. Lillie thanked her child for making her a mother, and a year later, on his first birthday, she showed a bunch of pictures of him. The woman who only had one child called her only child her “best friend” and said that her love for him grows every day.

Alley Sadly Died
Alley didn’t live long enough to see his grandchildren grow up, which is a shame. People said the Hollywood star died at the age of 71 after a short battle with cancer.

Lillie and True told the outlet in a statement that their beloved mother died on December 5, 2022.

“It makes us sad to tell you that our amazing, fierce, and loving mother died after a battle with cancer that we just found out about.”

Alley died with the people she loved by her side. She died as a fighter, and her children say that she taught them to always be happy and excited about what’s to come.

True and Lillie said that their mother was a good parent and grandparent. “As famous as she was on screen, she was even better as a mother and grandmother,” they said.

The “Drop Dead Gorgeous” star’s siblings all agreed that she loved life and her family very much. Alley was said to love animals very much and take pride in being a creative person.

The famous actress’s son and daughter said that when they think about her, this makes them even more determined to live their lives to the fullest like she did.