Kate Jackson may be best known for her role as Sabrina Duncan in “Charlie’s Angels,” which is part of a famous trilogy of three shows. Many people don’t know that Jackson was having a hard time in her own life while she was on the show.

During the first three seasons of the popular 1970s show, Kate was just going through the motions. She only thought about the role and didn’t have much time for anything else, even her own health.

Fans cheered for Sabrina from the sidelines, but Jackson never felt good about her role. She spent her long days feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

This probably had something to do with how quickly she left the show after season three was over. The people who ran the show told the star this, and she didn’t find out until she was on vacation after the season was over.

Jackson probably wasn’t shocked or upset by the news. She told People in 1979:

“I guess I did cause a few problems. The bottom line is that I was tired of them and they were tired of me. I’m glad I can finally take off the halo…”

The actress who used to be on “Angels” met her first husband while working on the show’s third and final season. Andrew Stevens, who was in the TV show “Dallas,” ran away with her in 1978. Kate told People this about her husband:

“All of a sudden, this cute guy really cared about me, even though I was crying and my hair was all messed up. We fell madly, deeply in love before we knew what hit us.”

Jackson then talked about how they helped each other and how much this helped her get out of her bad mood. Just having Andrew, who was six years younger than her, love and help her was making her life better.

Still, she was still unhappy at work. Jackson felt like it was even ruining her otherwise happy marriage because she often brought her tiredness or bad moods home with her. This likely had something to do with how happy she was when she was asked to leave the show.

Even after she left the show, her marriage began to have problems of its own. They split up three years after getting married, and Kate’s finances were hurt:

“It felt like my ex-husband brought a Brinks truck to my bank account.”

Gone were the nice things people said about her ex-husband, Andrew. In 1981, they officially split up.

A year later, Jackson got married in a more traditional way to a New York business executive. Before they split up in 1984, they were married for two years.

Kate’s third marriage was to Tom Hart in 1991, but the star was not happy for very long. After a few years, she and Hart broke up.

Jackson had always wanted to have a child, even when she was married. After she broke up with Hart, the star was encouraged to adopt by her friend at the time, Rosie O’Donnell, who had just adopted a baby.

Kate was finally lucky enough to have a son, Charles Taylor Jackson. It was her love for her son that really helped her get over her sadness for good.