There is always one judge on British and American talent shows who is very hard to please. If you are really talented and sure of yourself, TV host Simon Cowell will smile and let you go on, but if you lose your cool for a second and mess up, he will give you a red light. It’s hard to beat Simon. He doesn’t believe in magicians, and he checks singers very carefully to see if they are lying. It’s hard not to give in to a judge like that.

Even adults’ knees tremble, let alone children. One day, Ansley Burns, who was 12 and from South Carolina, came to the show. The girl got ready to sing by putting together a song. The voice is good, and the song is well put together. But Simon didn’t understand something, so he gave the girl a challenge: she had to sing without music. Cowell even gave Ansley water to put in her throat. The young singer was obviously drunk, but she took the challenge anyway. See the video to find out what happened next.