“Age is just a number,” they say.

I used to think that, when I was young enough not to have back spasms and creaky knees all the time.

Of course, you’re only as old on the inside as you feel, even if the wear and tear on our bodies seems to limit what we can and can’t do.

Growing old is a natural part of life, and most of us have to accept that there are some things we have to leave behind as we get older. Most of the time, these are things that make our bodies work a little bit. Dancing is one example.

Mary Capasso, a 103-year-old woman from Woodbury, New Jersey, surprised everyone by having a dinner party and a ballroom dancing party for her birthday.

According to 6ABC, Mary said, “I was born in 1919.”

“I’m fine, the same as any other day.”

Mary lives at Watermark’s Woodbury Mews, where Community Life Director Susan Sacks works. She said that she and the staff there wanted to make the event extra special by having a dance.

“Because it was her passion,” Sacks said. “This was the first year that we were able to do it, kind of to surprise her.”

As part of the celebrations, dancers performed in Mary’s honor. Mary said, “Both my husband and I liked to dance.”

Reports say that Mary met Carl, her late husband, when they were both in high school. They got married in 1941, before he was called up to serve in the military during World War II.

Mary said, “We had only been married a few months when he was called up.”

She also said that she and Carl started dancing after their son Carl Jr. went off to college.

“It was not simple. We practiced a lot,” she continued. “We could dance so well.”

Mary took another spin on the floor as a special treat for her 103rd birthday. Not many people over the age of 100 are lucky enough to still be able to move around enough to enjoy a dance floor, but Mary was thrilled to have the chance.

Susan Sacks said, “At 103, she is still so full of life. She’s just a great person.