Many people think that the Comedy Central Roasts, which started in 2003, have some of the best roasts. But the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts are the best at making you laugh until you cry.

This funny, long-running show began in 1974 and ran for 10 seasons. Over the years, many famous people like Evel Knievel, Betty White, and Mr. T have been on the show.

But “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” Frank Sinatra, was the subject of one of the most famous roasts. This episode made people all over the country laugh out loud.

Dean Martin got a lot of famous people together for the Frank Sinatra roast. Some of them were Milton Berle, Ernest Borgnine, George Burns, Red Buttons, Redd Foxx, Gene Kelly, Jack Klugman, Rich Little, and Ronald Reagan.

Even though the list of people in this episode would have been enough to make it one of the most popular, one of the comedians went all out for his roast.

That man was Jonathan Winters, a comedic genius who was one of a kind. He pretended to be Frank Sinatra’s coach driver for this act. As soon as he walked onstage, he made the crowd and the other roasters laugh.

If you know Jonathan Winters, it shouldn’t surprise you that he was the star of the show. Watch this Frank Sinatra roast that was made up on the spot. Even after nearly 45 years, it still made us laugh out loud.