A soldier was standing at the Taco Bell counter, ready to order his food, when he suddenly stopped.

He heard what two boys were saying and decided to talk to them. As he did this, another diner took out his phone and started recording the conversation, which left him and many other viewers speechless.

When Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon went to a Taco Bell in Mobile, Alabama, for dinner, he had no idea he was being watched, let alone recorded. The soldier didn’t know it, but he had caught the eye of Jason Gibson, who was sitting alone and eating his food.

Risdon and Gibson saw right away that two boys were running around in front of the restaurant. When Risdon heard what the boys were doing, he wanted to ask them a question. Gibson almost choked on his burrito because of this. He took out his phone and began to record because he was shocked.

The two boys, ages 9 and 13, seemed to have been left alone at the fast food place, where they were trying to sell some things from home. They were selling homemade desserts to raise money for their local church. Army Lt. Col. Risdon didn’t have any cash on him, which was a shame. Risdon could have just said no, asked where their parents were, or acted like he didn’t see them. But he couldn’t forget about the kids.

The soldier noticed right away that the boys were wet and cold, and that it was getting late. So, he asked them if they had already eaten something for dinner. Not at all. Gibson filmed what happened next, and he was so moved by it that he put the video on Facebook and asked people to share it.

“I was at Taco Bell tonight, and two kids came in to try to make money by selling homemade desserts. I heard a soldier ask the kids if they were hungry and tell them to follow him to the counter, where he would buy them dinner.

I had to record it and share it,” Gibson wrote in the video’s description, describing how the kind-hearted soldier led the boys to the register and told them they could order whatever they wanted to eat. He paid for dinner.

As they waited for their warm meals, the boys danced around with big smiles and hearts full of thanks for this stranger. Risdon not only bought the kids tacos and drinks, but he also talked to them in a friendly way. It was, at the very least, a moving sight.

Gibson wasn’t the only one who felt proud of the brave people who serve our country no matter where they are. Tens of thousands of people were moved by the video, and they felt compelled to share the moving clip on social media.

As the video spread around the world, people learned more about the brave soldier. Robert Risdon was a Ranger in the U.S. Army and a father of two. He was stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. “It was easy to decide to help them; it was more of a reflex. It was cold, wet, and they were hungry. He said, “They were great kids who were polite and smart.” “It was the least I could do for the two young Americans. They were very thankful and glad to get some food.

Ridson says that the mission of the U.S. Army Rangers is what makes him want to help. “I think the best way to explain why I did it is with the Ranger Creed, which I live by every day,” he said. “Never shall I fail my comrades” is a line from the creed that I think sums up why I helped. He said that the boys were his friends and that it was his duty to help them.

Social media was full of positive comments about what he did, but Ridson said, “I’m kind of embarrassed and humbled by the praise,” but he quickly added that he doesn’t need it. Risdon added, “I think we live in the best country in the world with the best people and that acts of kindness happen every day.”

But some people see things differently. Gibson wrote in the description of the video that showed the soldier’s good deed, “Our troops always take care of us.” He then thanked Lt. Col. Risdon and asked others to “please, please share this.” He also said, “I heard the little one say, “I want to be just like you when I grow up,” and he saluted him.”

In fact, the world could use a lot more men like Robert Risdon. Not only will these two boys always remember him, but so will everyone else who got to see and enjoy his act of kindness. He showed that our soldiers are good men who look out for every American, no matter how big or small.

Our brave military members do a lot for us, both on and off the battlefield. The proof is Robert Risdon. And sometimes the smallest things have the biggest effects, in ways we might never have thought of. He only wanted to feed two people that day, but he ended up touching everyone’s hearts. We should at least give him some praise for his hard work.