During sports games, many of us look forward to hearing the national anthem played. It’s always interesting to see who will be the voice behind it, especially during big sporting events when celebrities are often brought in.

Fans were in for a treat when country singer Keith Urban took the ice during the Western Conference playoffs. His version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is making people all over the internet laugh out loud.

Keith Urban has won four Grammy Awards and has done well in the country music business. He is known for his charitable work in addition to being a judge on American Idol and a coach on The Voice Australia.

Urban was born in New Zealand, but he has both American and New Zealand citizenship. He has been married to the beautiful actress Nicole Kidman since 2006.

Fans of the Nashville Predators have seen a lot of great shows at their team’s games. Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill sang the national anthem at the ice rink in a beautiful way.

At Bridgestone Arena, the Nashville Predators were going to play the Anaheim Ducks. Urban was chosen to sing the national anthem that night.

It was the first time Urban had ever sung “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a public event.

When Keith Urban walks into the rink and starts to sing, the crowd cheers loudly. He was wearing a yellow Predators jersey with his name on the back, of course.

As soon as everyone was quiet, Urban started singing the national anthem in his own country style. His voice fills the room, and it gets stronger as he sings.

When he says patriotic things, the crowd can’t help but cheer.

Over the years, many artists have sung the Star Spangled Banner, but Urban’s version really hits you in the heart.

Keith Urban was touched by everything that happened.

Jon Morosi of NHL Network talked to Urban after his spin on the ice. He thanked the people who had chosen him to sing for the evening.

I’ve lived in America for 25 years, but no one has ever asked me to sing the national anthem. It was a pleasure to do this for the Nashville Predators.

“It was one of the days I was most proud of.”

Before Game 3, after the national anthem was played, Keith Urban talked to John Morosi.

Even Urban’s fans talked about how much they liked his performance. Someone put down

“Keith did an outstanding job. It’s great to see some of the best singers in Nashville playing hockey.

“Simple and very beautiful,” said someone else. “Sold, sold, sold!”