In the 1990s, when John Lindo and his partner Deborah Szekely took the stage at a West Coast Swing competition, people didn’t expect much from them because he was so big.

Then, he and his partner won this West Coast swing Jack and Jill competition. This is where he became known and got his name out there.

It’s a real pleasure to watch John Lindo. Lindo has been dancing for more than 20 years. He started out in the country-western style. He then started dancing West Coast Swing, where he has had a lot of success.

In West Coast Swing, two people dance in perfect harmony with each other. The dance style got its start on the West Coast of the United States, as the name suggests. In the 1960s, West Coast Swing became what it is today, with a nod to the Lindy Hop. This is written about in the history of West Coast Swing.

Lindo has won both the Strictly Swing and the Jack and Jill championships. In Strictly Swing, dancers choose who they want to dance with. On the other hand, in Jack and Jill competitions, you are paired with someone at random.

On his website, it says that Lindo has also won the Grand Nationals, the U.S. Open, and the Phoenix Champion of Champions finals.

Lindo’s first love is dancing on stage, but he also teaches dance classes, judges dance competitions, and helps other dancers put together their routines. He lives in New Jersey. Because Lindo is so popular, he has gone all over the world teaching people how to dance it.

One video has already been watched by more than six million people, which shows how popular Lindo is. In this clip, Lindo and his partner Deborah Szekely take the stage and dance in the classic West Coast style. More than nine million people have watched another video of Lindo dancing.