Part of the reason we love celebrities so much is because they play such interesting characters in movies and TV shows. We can’t help but wonder if these famous people will be even stranger and crazier than the characters they play.

But, if we’re honest, most celebrities end up letting us down. Most of the time, we fall in love with characters who are bigger than life, only to find out that the actors who play them are sad, ordinary people.

There are, however, some exceptions, such as Jyoti Amge. Most people know her as Ma Petite from American Horror Story. And as strange and interesting as that character was, Amge’s real life is even stranger!

Don’t believe it? Let’s look at her life and see what the 28-year-old has been doing since American Horror Story.

What is Jyoti Amge’s height?

Jyoti Amge didn’t have to wait to make history until she was a well-known actress. In fact, she changed the course of history as soon as she turned 18.

Amge turned 18 in December 2011. At that time, she was only two feet and 0.6 inches tall, so she was called the world’s shortest woman. Both the Limca Book of Records and the Guinness Book of Records still list her as the shortest woman in the world. And even though she is just over two feet tall, she only weighs 12 pounds.