Stephanie’s father, like many other good parents, made some sacrifices to give his children the best chance of doing well.

He bought a 1936 Ford Sedan when he was 16 years old. The Sedan turned into a project to fix up that took several years, and it quickly became his favorite thing. He took it to car shows all over the country and won first place every time.

But in 1993, when he had a child, he had to make the hard choice to sell the Sedan. He did it so he could pay for Stephanie’s seminary school fees. Even though his heart was broken, he was willing to do anything for his daughter.

Stephanie wrote on YouTube, “My dad always talked about this car and said he would buy it back if he could find it.”

After 21 years, Stephanie decided she was going to find a way to get the car back. She looked for it for months before she found it. Then she rushed to get enough money and talked with her mother about a secret plan.

Watch the amazing video below to see how a daughter shows her dad how much she appreciates all he has done for her.