When babies try to talk, it can be cute, but nothing is cuter than when twin babies talk to each other. Roy Johannik was making a video of his twins when he caught them having a very cute conversation.

Merle and her brother Stijn seem to be in sync with each other. People have always noticed that twins are like this, almost to the point where they seem to be able to talk without words. As far as anyone knows, not even the closest twins can really do that, but when they are very young, it is very common for twins to make up their own secret language.

Merle and Stijn are so young that they make sounds that don’t seem to make sense to us. But soon they’ll be using their own version of “twin speak” to talk to each other. This secret language of twins always seems to include words that sound like what they mean (boom, splash, meow, etc.) as well as some made-up words. But a lot of twin talk involves taking real words and giving them completely different meanings. Word order is also often messed up. Any pair of twins has their own unique way of talking that only they can understand. One bad thing about twin speak is that it might make it take longer for twins to learn normal language. Why bother learning a new language if you already have one that works well with someone you spend most of your time with?

Check out the video below to see Merle and Stijn “talking” while they look at each other intently. I have no idea what they are talking about. Could they be thinking back to when they were still in the womb? Discussing the pros and cons of different baby food brands? No matter what it was, their dad enjoyed it and couldn’t stop laughing.