Celtic Thunder is a great Irish singing group that has been together since 2007. Their amazing theatrical shows are like a musical straight from Ireland, with huge set pieces, amazing lighting effects, and dazzling choreography.

With their version of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” the group gets us in the Christmas mood. Everyone in the audience will enjoy their performance.

Three men in black suits come on stage and walk to the right side of the stage to meet each other. Violinists and cellists are being led to the left side of the stage to play with the singers.

Purple-colored trees make up the background, and white Christmas trees line the back of the stage. The stage has a white staircase that leads to a higher platform.

The band sits on the upper platform and plays the song’s beginning until the men take over and sing. In the first verse, one man sings, and the other men smile at him. In the second verse, they all sing in harmony and stay in their stage circle.

While the trio is singing, a fourth and fifth man run onto the stage to meet them. People cheer, and then they all sing in perfect harmony. They run up the stairs and stand in groups at different heights while singing the chorus.

As they sing “Of the year” three times in a row to end the song, they all raise their hands together. They get a standing ovation from the crowd, and “Celtic Thunder” gives another great performance of a holiday favorite.