One of the most important things that can happen to a person is getting married. No one feels more responsible for planning a wedding than the bride and groom.

You need to plan and think about every part of the wedding, like where it will be held, what the bride will wear, how many people will be there, etc.

Choreographic dances

The music and dances chosen for the wedding are also very important.

According to the assistant director of Ajna Reba Brown, a dance company that specializes in making wedding dances, there are at least four different kinds of dances.

Everyone knows the wedding dance, which is the first dance of the newlyweds. But there are other kinds of wedding dances that not everyone knows, and you probably won’t see them at weddings very often.

The parent dance is one of the dances. The bride and groom also dance with their parents. In the past, the father and daughter would dance together, but now the bride and groom dance with their parents.

The next dance is the anniversary dance, which is for the longest-married couples. And the last money dance, where everyone dances with the newlyweds and throws money at them.

We all have the idea that being a parent is boring. Maybe a waltz or something else from the past.

But there are some parents who really care that their child dances with them at their wedding. They take dance very seriously and work hard to learn it.

Because of this, they often hire a choreographer to put together a dance just for them.

Here’s a beautiful dance that a mother and son did together.

People who went to the wedding will remember this dance for a long time.